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Remembering Oro Valley’s first citizen of the year, a man of many illusions

Unzipping a well-folded Ziploc bag filled with photographs, newspaper clippings and other printed memories she had retrieved from a nearby dresser drawer, Reva Knapp pulled a few of the pictures out with a sad smile and placed the rest next to a photo album already lying on the table. Each featured an older man with a slight, but infectious smile: her husband of 56 years, Jay, who passed away in December.

Turns out the magical mystery dam in Santa Cruz River was not much of a mystery afterall

In terms of mysteries, the “Mystery of the Santa Cruz Dam” will never rival those tales crafted by Agatha Christie or Raymond Chandler, in fact it was no mystery at all, but for a few days last week a new dam in the river raised some questions. 

Threading a giving spirit throughout the community with 100 dresses

Working with scissors, pins and needles, Chris Sternberg and nearly 30 other members of the Casas Adobes Congregational Church stitched, trimmed and hemmed their way through yards of fabric. Each of the women—and one man—worked diligently, only the occasional conversation or snippet of laughter broke the steady hum of sewing machines.

Marana Prepares for Growth with Major Infrastructure Projects

The Town of Marana has enjoyed considerable growth in recent years. In order to manage that growth effectively, we are currently committed to a number of key projects that improve our infrastructure and aim to ensure a high quality of life for all Marana residents, including those who don’t even live here yet!

Town’s “Project Ina” app is live

Since plans for the Ina Road Interchange project were announced several years ago, the town of Marana has been examining ways to help businesses with the impact of the construction.