In what has become a racially-charged, controversial case, George Zimmerman was found not-guilty of second-degree murder late Saturday night.

As protestors rallied in Florida streets, a six-member, all-female jury found Zimmerman not guilty for the shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman claimed self defense in the incident.

The NAACP quickly responded with rage, asking the Department of Justice to bring civil rights charges against Zimmerman. Early in the case, President Barack Obama said if he had a son he would have looked like Trayvon Martin, adding his heart goes out to the Martin family.

Zimmerman himself is Hispanic.

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John Flanagan

This case became polarizing right from the gate as the usual suspects, Al Sharpton and friends in and out of the disreputable American mainstream media, broadcasted the racial narrative in an effort to exploit and inflame passions. In the earliest stages of the investigation, media pundits and racial arsonists accused Zimmerman, the Sanford Police Dept, and others of racism before the facts were fully investigated.
As it turned out even the resources of the FBI sent as the possee to uncover the desired evidence of racism, no such findings resulted. Over 30 friends, neighbors, co-workers and associates of Zimmerman were interviewed and found this man is not and never has been a racist. However, once the progressives running the news outlets had their narrative, there was no letting go. It was a matter of fitting square pegs into round holes and hoping the public, and especially the jury, would simply go along with this injustice. The jury didn't buy it, and the media, as well as the dubious legally illiterate Prosecutors in this case, and all the leftist television lawyers summoned for commentary on the Kangaroo Court's disposition went into shock. How dare this jury not see things our way, with the official racist narrative ignored?
Judging by social media, the country seemed split on the trial. Many still believed it was a racist and unprovoked murder of an unarmed black youth with racial motivation involved. Many others believed it was not racial at all, and that the killing was self defense. However one sees it, the race component should never have been part of the trial.
As a result, the credibility and motivations of mainstream media pundits who appeared regularly on television should make all of us cautious and skeptical about their views, opinions, and lack of integrity in reporting on the news.
In my view, relations between African Americans, whites, and Hispanics is in most ways improved. I have worked with people of all colors for decades and found America is doing better than most societies in offering opportunities for all citizens. Most interactions between white and black people are congenial, and today there are more integrated churches, families, groups, than ever. Both white people and black people can and do get along, and we can do this without troublemakers continually reminding us of the past, slavery, and discrimination.
Also, most black and white Americans instinctively know not all violent confrontations between the two groups are racial....some are just disagreements or conflicts between people. We all understand that, but people like Al Sharpton will always take the occasional incident of this type and create a racial and polarizing position, which inflames both sides and creates divisions when we need cohesion.
It will take time to heal these wounds the Zimmerman case inflicted on America. It is time for calm and reason. What my father used to describe as "coat holders"...those cowards standing on the side of a brawl encouraging others to fight.....are among us still. They wear suits as television personalities, lawyers, men and women both, and in the ugliness of their dark souls, create misery in our society.

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