(Dec. 20) Today's Top Headlines - Why Robertson was really suspended - Tucson Local Media: Today's Headlines

(Dec. 20) Today's Top Headlines - Why Robertson was really suspended

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  • Concerned USAF posted at 8:54 am on Sun, Dec 22, 2013.

    Concerned USAF Posts: 1

    Read Phil Robertson's book, the man doesn't hate or discriminate against anyone. You payed for his reality series, you got it. You asked for his interview on his beliefs and you got it. I am an atheist. And still love the way each episode ends with a huge family meal and a prayer, because it shows what type of loving, caring, dedicated people this family is. America has lost sight of family morals and values in our daily grind. We dont have time or energy to be parents anymore. Look at the education this family holds, they are brilliant successful caring people who live how they feel spiritually. You cant fault the pledge for saying "Under God" and you can't fault the Robertson for speaking on what he was asking. He didn't preach from a soapbox and he didn't impose himself on anyone. Today the only people who can't speak their mind are white people and christians and that is bullshit. I stil have rights that most illegal immigrants are afforded and I play by all the rules.


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