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(May 14) Today's Top Headlines - Press Gaggle by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney

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John Flanagan

John Flanagan: Jay Carney's job requires he practice the art of strategic evasion, spin, mischaracterization, and denial. As the shady presidency of the media created Teflon president begins to unwind under the scrutiny of exposed and undeniable facts, the president will become more testy, the Democrats more defensive, the supporting media more concerned. It is potentially explosive to have an administration under either party use the IRS to audit political opponents, conceal the facts of the Benghazi incident to protect the political careers, and now, oh gosh, to get the phone records of AP staff?
The AP is more concerned about their own situation than the law abiding Tea Party groups being hounded by the IRS, probably because the AP thought of itself as Obama's team players. Well, what a shock!
Perhaps it is good that this administration over extended its' political muscle, thereby exposing the fact that, under Obama, Holder, and the rest, it has always been about the application of Chicago style politics at the national level. The goal in Obama's words paraphrased, "Reward your friends. Punish your enemies." The goal of course is a bright future and guaranteed Democratic Party control. The bottom line is that power corrupts. Is this what we Americans will accept?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013, 3:28 pm

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