Storm causes trouble

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[Breaking news update at 10:05 a.m. Wednesday]

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said Wednesday that he believes it was a mistake for businesses and schools to release people early at roughly the same time as Tuesday's snow hit the area -- and said that contributed to the massive gridlock that stranded motorists for hours. "I said immediately yesterday that releasing all of these folks was not the right way to go," Reed said in a testy exchange with CNN's Carol Costello on Wednesday morning.

[Breaking news update at 9:59 a.m. Wednesday]

-- (CNN) -- "I don't feel people are angry at me. I feel they have a great deal of frustration," Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed told "CNN Newsroom" Wednesday morning after a winter storm caused traffic gridlock and stranded motorists for hours.

[Original story posted at 9:55 a.m.]

When snow only three fingers deep triggers an epic traffic jam, stranding motorists and schoolchildren on interstates for hours, there's something wrong with this picture.

Two inches of snow isn't supposed to turn highways into campsites. Backups aren't supposed to last all day, through the night and into the morning.

And yet, here they were -- motorists across Alabama and Georgia -- still hunched over in their cars Wednesday morning, feeling the aftereffects of a snow shower that hit a day earlier.

Sixteen hours after leaving school in a bus, some Atlanta-area students were still making their way home. Atlanta Public Schools spokeswoman Kimberly Willis Green said "several hundred students at nine schools are sheltered in place."


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