According to a CBS report this morning, Irate lawmakers accused the acting IRS commissioner of misleading them about the agency's selective scrutiny of tea party-affiliated groups, demanding to know who was responsible and why no one told Congress.

"Why did you mislead Congress and the American people on this?" Louisiana GOP Rep. Charles Boustany, who chairs the Ways and Means panel's Oversight Subcommittee, asked Steven Miller.

"I did not mislead Congress or the American people," Miller replied.

Miller apologized but maintained that politics did not motivate the perceived targeting.

"First and foremost, as acting commissioner I want to apologize on behalf of the IRS for the mistakes that we made and the poor service that [we] provided," Miller told the House Ways and Means Committee in his opening statement. "Partisanship or even the perception of partisanship has no place at the IRS."

President Barack Obama has promised the issue will be dealt with in several briefings throughout the week.

Obama has also been asked by members of the press if issues involving the IRS' wrongdoing, controversy surrounding the Benghazi attacks and using government privilege to track phone calls made by members of the Associated Press was similar to the Watergate scandal during the Nixon Administration.

Obama said history hardly compares and he would leave it up to the press to make the comparisons.

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