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(Sept. 3) Today's Top Headlines - Painting bought for $50 worth $388,000


NBC News:

A postcard-sized landscape painting bought as part of a box of trinkets costing $50 at auction has been valued at almost $400,000.

The 19th-century artwork was picked up 10 years ago by retired consultant ophthalmic surgeon Robin Darvell after he spotted a faint signature on the frame.

It depicts a landscape in summer with trees in the foreground and rolling hills in the background, set against a blue sky with a few white, fluffy clouds.

The painting had been kept in a drawer but was recently discovered hidden with some paperwork.

John Constable's "The Lock" sold for $35 million last year.

Darvell's son Robert, 45, approached Curtis Dowling, the host of CNBC’s "Treasure Detectives", for an appraisal. Dowling confirmed it was an original by British painter John Constable.

For more, visit http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/09/03/20303402-painting-bought-for-50-at-auction-is-worth-388000?lite