Handicap parking

Washington state is weighing an end to free metered street parking for most disabled people after finding that the current system is too easily abused.

The effort, initiated by the Washington state legislature, is an attempt to balance the needs of some 750,000 people eligible for disabled parking privileges with concerns that the privileges are being widely misused.

A nine-member work group created by the legislature in June to address the issue put out a report last week recommending a new, more restrictive standard for unlimited free street parking, with eligibility hinging on factors such as an inability to put coins in a meter or walk more than 20 feet.

Those eligible under the new standard could apply for a separate "meter exempt" placard.

The report's authors, who included advocates for the disabled and officials with the state's health and licensing departments, found that free and unlimited street parking led to fraud and abuse of disabled parking privileges by people who were not disabled but who had found ways to buy or use the placards.

For the full story, visit: http://news.msn.com/us/disabled-to-lose-some-parking-privileges-in-washington-state

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