Pro-Russian Protesters
Genya Savilov

Pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine on Monday ignored an ultimatum from the Kiev government to leave government buildings as another police headquarters in the region fell to separatists.

As the 9am deadline passed with no sign of the protesters leaving barricades in Donetsk or Slaviansk, at least 100 pro-Russian separatists attacked the police headquarters in the eastern city of Horlivka. Video footage shown on Ukrainian television showed ambulance staff said to have been called to treat the injured.

Protesters in Slaviansk, which was expected on Monday to be the focus of a broad government "anti-terrorist" operation involving the army, meanwhile issued a bold call for Russian president Vladimir Putin to help them while Ukraine's acting president, Oleksandr Turchynov, asked for the deployment of UN peacekeepers.

Following the death of a state security officer and the wounding of two others near Slaviansk, Turchynov gave a televised address on Sunday night in which he promised amnesty to those who had not fired at security forces if they laid down their arms and vacated government buildings.

In an emergency meeting soon after of the UN security council in New York, Russia described Ukraine's threat to mobilise armed forces as a "criminal order".

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