Nevada school shooting

NBC News:

Investigators searched for a motive in the fatal shooting of a teacher and the wounding of two middle-school students by an unidentified 12-year-old who opened fire on Monday in Nevada.

Middle school student Jose Cazares said on the TODAY show Tuesday that one of the students pleaded with the shooter as he began firing at Sparks Middle School, outside Reno.

“He didn’t say nothing,” Cazares said. “He just kept on shooting them.”

Authorities said on Monday that the shooter fired a semiautomatic handgun at 7:16 a.m. local time, and as many as 30 children may have witnessed the incident, the Associated Press reported. The suspect died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Washoe County School District spokeswoman Katie Holmes said.

Two students were wounded in the shooting and transported to a local hospital, Sparks deputy police chief Tom Miller said at a Monday news conference. They were both in stable condition later in the day, Miller said.

Sparks Middle School shooting survivor Jose Cazares describes the scene inside the school Monday when teacher Michael Landsberry got between him and the 12-year old shooter.

The slain mathematics teacher who was described as a “hero” after approaching the shooter was identified by his brother on Monday as Michael Landsberry, 45. The former Marine and member of the Nevada Air National Guard had celebrated his wedding anniversary last Friday. Landsberry is survived by his wife and two step-children, the man’s brother Reggie told NBC News.

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