NBC News:

A tabloid in Uganda printed a front-page story Tuesday of the nation's "200 top" homosexuals, one day after the president there signed a strict anti-gay bill into law.

Under the headline "EXPOSED!", the Red Pepper newspaper published names and some pictures of people who are allegedly gay, including some Ugandans who had not publicly identified themselves as homosexuals.

A popular Ugandan hip-hop star, a Catholic priest and Uganda gay activists were among those on the list. A retired Anglican cleric and others who support gay rights were listed as sympathizers.

It's not the first time gay Ugandans have been called out in print. A similar list was published in 2011 by a now-defunct tabloid that demanded gays be executed.

Ugandan lesbian activists Jacqueline Kasha, one of the people on the Red Pepper list, expressed her disgust with the paper on Twitter.

"The media witch hunt is back," she tweeted.

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