Craigslist desk

The New Haven, Conn., woman who sold Rabbi Noah Muroff a desk for $200 is likely very grateful for the combination of a large piece of furniture and a small door. Muroff and his wife couldn't fit the lovely piece of furniture into his office, so they started dismantling it, and behind the drawer they found a bag with $98,000 in cash inside. "Right away my wife and I sort of looked at each other and said, 'We can't keep this money,'" Muroff told WTNH.

They called the woman who'd sold them the desk and told her about the money. It turns out she had stashed her inheritance there and, inexplicably, forgotten about it. Muroff and his wife returned the cash. The original owner got her inheritance back and a second chance to come up with a less-forgettable hiding place, and Muroff got the satisfaction of a good deed well done. Plus he still has the desk, of course, and it looks like a really nice one.

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