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According to a USA Report, investigations are likely after an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) official dropped a bombshell on Friday, saying they singled out the Tea Party and other political organizations during the 2012 election.

The scandal erupted Friday when Lois Lerner, who heads the IRS unit that oversees tax-exempt groups, apologized for the enhanced scrutiny of Tea Party-related groups' tax-exempt applications.

Republicans on capital hill are already calling for an investigation.

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John Flanagan

Even if Obama himself did not order these IRS investigations, one or more of his partisan extremist supporters at the IRS made it happen. I have heard some of the questions by the IRS to the Tea Party groups, and believe me, they are probing and antagonistic, designed to strip away legal debate and political expression, and use the force of monolithic governmental power to intimidate American citizens.
When the government of the United States tells a lawful, non-violent citizen group to provide full names and identifying information about group members, their associations, transcripts of meetings going back two years, all associates and data relevant to a witch hunt, then we must realize there are dark and dangerous elements working within this administration. Code words initiating these so called political audits or rather inquisitions include the words "patriot", "Tea Party"' "Freedom". Where is the sense of public outrage? Will the sheepish mainstream media, with the exception of Fox, ever see this as a story worth exposing?
Instead, will the Obama supporters at the big news networks merely accept Obama's word that an "investigation" will be done? If this were a Republican administration, it would be on the news daily, and all of the registered Democrat pundits at the news stations across America would be covering it in great depth.
George Orwell predicted this would come to America, and it certainly has today.

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