Kate Middleton
USA Today

According to a USA Today report, Britain's Duchess Kate today christened one of the world's largest cruise ships in what is expected to be her last official solo appearance before giving birth.

In a rousing dockside ceremony, the Duchess of Cambridge, , now about eight months pregnant, sliced a blue ribbon with a scissors to send a nebuchadnezzar of Moet & Chandon champagne crashing against the hull of Princess Cruises' new Royal Princess.

Dressed in a black-and-white animal print dress and black hat, the 31-year-old wife of Britain's Prince William arrived at the dock in a dark Range Rover and walked the short distance to the christening stage set up near the ship's bow, smiling at the more than 1,500 invited guests as she went. Sitting next to Princess CEO Alan Buckelew, she then watched with the crowd as British singer Natasha Bedingfield took to the stage to perform her 2004 hit Unwritten.

The duchess said just 16 words during the 30-minute event, which also included a performance by British theater star Kerry Ellis.

"I name this ship Royal Princess," the duchess said after taking the podium, uttering the traditional phrase delivered at so many ship launches. "May God bless her and all who sail in her."

After the bottle smashed, blue and white confetti rained down on the duchess and other attendees, who burst into applause.

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