Jodi Arias

It took just over 15 hours for a 12-member jury to find accused boyfriend killer, Jodi Arias, guilty of first-degree murder.

Arias claimed that in 2008 she killed her then boyfriend Travis Alexander in self defense, shooting him twice, slashing his throat and stabbing him nearly 30 times.

In what has been dubbed a bizarre trial for many reasons, Arias claimed she was the victim of domestic violence as jurors and a packed courtroom listened to sex tapes, 18 days of testimony from the accused killer and rumors that Alexander had a dark side that included child pornography.

The trial was held in Mesa, and will now move into a new phase. Now that she has been found guilty of first-degree murder, the jury must now decide if Arias lives for dies.

The judge ordered the jury to begin deliberations on the sentencing phase on Thursday at 1 p.m.

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John Flanagan

Having watched this trial over the past few months, I realized how the prosecutor was held to a higher standard as the law requires. In this trial, Juan Martinez earned his salary. He stuck to the facts, the premeditation of the crime, the evidence of prior planning, and the images of the brutality of the horrendous murder.
In contrast, the defense team sought to mislead, deceive, mischaracterize, conceal, and disprove the truth of obvious evidence, attacking the victim, portraying the perpetrator as an abused woman. There was the foggy memory of the crime itself, according to the perpetrator,yet thousands of other minor details were remembered in a convenient act of selective memory.
The worst was yet to come. Educated but inept advocacy witnesses for the defense sought to sway the audience into considering the defendant an abused woman or a person suffering from post-traumatic syndrome similar to those who have experienced combat or extreme trauma.
Throughout the trial,Vinnie Politan, Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell, Mike Galanos, and the whole HLN crew kept us informed of the day to day events, with commentary from dozens of former defense lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and the call in folks from around the Judy from Kansas City, and Joe from Brooklyn. Outside the court, as in the Anthony case, hundreds gathered. All that was needed was a few pitchforks raised in the air to give one the feel of a public trial during the old days.
The guest defense lawyers many of us did not want to see again, but unfortunately arrived on HLN, were Jose Baez, one of his co-lawyers on the Anthony case, and some lawyers who represented OJ in the past. The Anthony case was especially cruel. False accusations were thrown around, defense theories hit the wall like splatter, with evidence unproven but convenient and obviously effective enough to convince a jury to acquit.
And so, the little child did not receive justice in this life. The justice system is certainly imperfect. Why do we watch these trials? Partly because we are rooting for truth and justice for the victims of brutal crimes. For those victims who do not receive justice because of legal technicalities, deceptive defense lawyers, and inept juries, the only justice is that God will give the ultimate and final verdict.
We must, to be fair, also accept the reality that some innocent people are accused of crimes and punished because of a combination of poor police work, incompetent defense, evidence suggesting guilt, even evidence planted in some reported cases.
The Arias trial was popularized and televised, and it taught Americans much about the workings of the legal system, it's strengths and weaknesses. Much like the OJ trial, we discovered trials are not all Perry Mason and good endings. Trials are the turf for lawyers, and it doesn't hurt that a window be opened so we can see how they work under the light of public scrutiny.

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