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(November 21) Today's Top Headlines - Democrats change filibuster rules

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Posted: Thursday, November 21, 2013 3:13 pm


Washington (CNN) – President Barack Obama said Thursday afternoon he supports the Senate Democrats' decision to change filibuster rules to make it easier to approve judicial appointments.

He cited what he said has been, over the past five years, "an unprecedented pattern of obstruction in Congress."

"A deliberate and determined effort to obstruct everything, no matter what the merits, just to re-fight the results of an election is not normal, and for the sake of future generations, it cannot become normal," he said. The Senate on Thursday voted to invoke the so-called nuclear option out of frustration over Republicans who have been blocking Obama's nominees.

The controversial move is a rules change that could make a partisan environment even more divisive because it takes away a sacrosanct right for any party in the Senate minority–the right to filibuster.

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  • John Flanagan posted at 10:46 am on Fri, Nov 22, 2013.

    John Flanagan Posts: 380

    This president was in favor of the rules when the Democrats were in the Senate minority, but not now, since it is more conducive to Democratic Party hegemony to strip opposition of power, he is in favor of it. Obama has revealed his true dictatorial nature and his radical ideology day by day with each revelation, but his supportive media jackals and his army of brown shirts will continue to transform our nation into a foreboding place in recognizable to freedom loving Americans.


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