(July 2) Today's Top Headlines - Obama, Bush honor victims of Bin Laden's salvo - Tucson Local Media: Today's Headlines

(July 2) Today's Top Headlines - Obama, Bush honor victims of Bin Laden's salvo

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  • wavettore posted at 11:07 am on Tue, Jul 2, 2013.

    wavettore Posts: 0

    The Beast is still at large.
    A trick of the tail will mark the return of George W. Bush

    9/11 (false flag attack planned by Bush & co.)
    7/7 false flag in London (Blair seals the Pact with Bush)
    The War in Iraq
    The next expansion of the territory of Israel.
    The future collapse of the World financial system

    All these are not individual events but instead part of the Zionist Plan.

    First of its kind, this worldwide crisis was provoked through a terror event (9/11) plotted by a US president, George Bush, in cahoots with the Israeli Mossad.

    This event was plotted to destabilize the equilibrium of all Countries and trigger a chain of events almost unavoidable all of them part of the same Plan.

    Many simultaneous rebellions stirred up in Arab Countries will benefit in the end only the State of Israel with the expansion of its territory
    in Europe and in the US, the financial resources "like magic" will disappear through bailouts, tax cuts and elaborated emergency maneuvers which will be ruled only to appear beneficial for those Countries but instead appositely designed for their collapse (except for England that will push Europe over the precipice).

    It is closer than you think
    The old economy will get to the last stop.
    The internet instead will have its plug pulled

    Massive poverty will bring chaos and anarchy while the lack of effective governments will set the stage for one World Tyranny (and the return of George Bush)

    It will be just from chaos that one voice will rise with the promise to fix all and everyone. That will be the forked tongue of agents of the New World Order

    There is only one Solution.



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