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On Sunday night a Papa John's customer in Sanford, Fla. checked his voicemail and heard a message from the driver who had just delivered his pizza. Not knowing he'd accidentally called the customer, who is black, the driver used racist terms to bad-mouth the customer and his wife to a co-worker. A keen bigot with a fondness for opera, the driver then launched into a musical number, replacing the lyrics of the "The Marriage of Figaro" overture with racial slurs. The customer posted a video of the voicemail online and Papa John's CEO John Schnatter has since offered a "heartfelt apology" on Facebook. The driver and his co-worker have been fired. - 


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John Flanagan

Isn't it interesting that the only racist remarks ever exposed in the media are the inappropriate comments of some white person about African Americans? One might conclude that black people never say racist things about whites among themselves or in mixed race company. Oh, it's fine, I guess, to hear some black comedian make fun of the foibles of white America to the glee of the mixed audience, but heaven forbid that a white comedian make sport of black folks. Does anyone see the hypocrisy of it all? Political correctness spares one group but disparages another. I have met racists of the nastiest kind in both black and white. I also find it disturbing that some in our culture have dared to accuse those whites opposed to Obama's policies as racists. What? One can't disagree with a politician because he or she is black? How about some honesty in our culture. Racism runs both ways.

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