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Due to budget cuts required in March, the IRS will be closed for five days.

All IRS workers will be furloughed without pay on those days. And the agency said it may have more furlough days later.

Here's what the closures will mean for tax filers trying to file, settle up or otherwise inquire about their tax situation:

Tax filing deadlines won't change. However, it won't be able to accept or acknowledge receipt of electronically filed returns on the days it is closed.

Tax payment deadlines won't change. But taxpayers will get more time to comply with document requests, the IRS noted. So if the original deadline falls on a furlough day, the taxpayer will have until the next business day to provide the information.

Some online tools and automated phone services will operate as usual. Tools that will be available on furlough days include the IRS Withholding Calculator, EITC Assistant, Interactive Tax Assistant, the PTIN system for tax professionals, Tele-Tax and the Look-up Tool for anyone who needs to repay the first-time homebuyer credit.

Other tools, however, won't be working. They include Where's My Refund? and the Online Payment Agreement.

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