William Wood
William Wood retires as the longest serving Merit Commissioner in Pinal County history. Present at a ceremony to honor him were, front row from left, Marian Wood, Wood and Pinal County Human Resources Director Mike Arnold; and back row from left, supervisors David Snider, Pete Rios and Bryan Martin. courtesy photo

For 25 years, Oracle resident William Wood made the drive to Florence to sit on Pinal County’s Merit Commission.

The position is purely voluntary.

After six terms and 25 years of helping to protect employee rights, Wood decided to not seek a seventh term as a Merit Board Commissioner.

He retires as the longest serving Merit Commissioner in Pinal County history.

To honor Wood’s dedication to Pinal County employees, the Board of Supervisors approved a proclamation highlighting his 25 years of service to the county.

“I am pleased we were able to bring Mr. Wood and his wife Mary Ann before the Board and honor a quarter of a century of service to the people of Pinal County,” said Chairman Pete Rios. “I can say his 25 years of service in what is basically a non-paid position is extraordinary.  It will be hard to replace that drive and desire to ensure that our employees are given a fair hearing.”

“Mr. Wood gave a valuable commodity to our county – his time.  My hat is off to him and his service to our residents,” said Supervisor Bryan Martyn.

“This is only a small token of our gratitude to a person who has selflessly made a great contribution to our employees and our residents,” said Supervisor David Snider.

Pinal County’s Employee Merit Commission was established in 1972.  The five commissioners serve four-year terms and are qualified electors in the county.  The commission oversees disciplinary actions that are subject to appeal under Pinal County’s Merit Rules.

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