A former Marana police officer, accused of 27 felonies related to computer tampering, has decided not to fight his September 2009 firing.

Calvin Ingram, who worked for Marana police from 1999 to 2009, last week abandoned his Personal Action Review Board appeal.

Ingram did not attend the hearing. His attorney, Michael Storie, apologized to the board for dropping the appeal without prior notice.

Storie also declined to comment on what prompted Ingram's decision, saying only that he had just learned of it moments before the scheduled hearing.

Ingram was fired following an internal investigation into his computer habits. Further investigation found Ingram had conducted at least 86 background searches on people for non-law enforcement purposes between October 2008 and August 2009.

The Arizona State Attorney General's office in September 2009 issued a 27-count felony indictment against Ingram for computer tampering, trafficking in the identity of another and aggravated taking of the identity of another.

The case is ongoing in Pima County Superior Court.

In a June 2009 incident cited in the investigation, a man filed a complaint against Ingram, saying the officer had run criminal background searches on him and shared the information with the man's ex-girlfriend.

The man told Marana police investigators that he believed Ingram was now dating the woman.

Ingram also faces the loss of his peace officer certification with Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board.

Ingram also was investigated for using his patrol car's flashing lights to avoid traffic and to save him from being late for work. FBI agents whom Marana police requested to help investigate Ingram observed this action.

Police officials have confirmed that in addition to the existing charges against Ingram, additional charges could be filed pending the completion of an investigation.

The FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration are aiding Marana police and the Arizona Attorney General's office in the investigation, police officials confirmed.

Police and state officials would not comment further on the nature of the potential additional charges Ingram may face. He is scheduled to appear in Pima County Superior Court on March 26.

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