Pima County Sheriff's deputies have arrested four suspected serial burglars accused of robbing multiple homes in the Casas Adobes and Northwest areas.

Sheriff's department spokesman Deputy Jason Ogan said the crew was responsible for as many as 30 home burglaries.

"We're classifying these as cat burglaries because most of them were during the evening," Ogan said. In many instances, residents were at home asleep when the suspected burglars struck.

Those arrested include Adam Lopez, 27; Julio Sandidge, 33; Michael Sandidge, 19; and Lisett Vasquez, 23. A fifth suspect, Steven Lopez, 20, remains at large.

Julio Sandidge faces charges of possession of stolen property and unlawful possession of narcotics. His brother Michael Sandidge faces seven counts of second-degree burglary.

Vasquez was initially charged with trafficking in stolen goods, and Lopez with weapons misconduct and unlawful possession of narcotics. A judge has dismissed those charges.

Ogan said the investigation continues, and additional charges against Vasquez and Lopez likely would follow.

The suspects were arrested on Friday, Sept. 24 at a condominium complex where most of them lived, Ogan said. The location of the arrests has not been released.

When arrested, "one of the individuals was playing a video game on a stolen console and television," Ogan said.

The burglaries occurred over an eight-week period beginning in late July. Most of the incidents were reported in an area bordered by Oracle Road and Interstate 10, and Ina and Ruthrauff roads.

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