The Pima County Economic Development and Tourism Department has decided not to approve the one proposal for a Northwest ice rink and sports facility.

The county asked earlier this year for proposals from companies who could secure all funding to build and operate an ice skating facility at a location near I-10.

Field House Development Group, a company based in Lake Barrington, Ill., submitted the sole response.

Catherine Strickland, marketing and communications manager for Pima County Attractions, said Field House Development Group's proposal did not meet the county's requirements.

"The review committee met and reviewed the particular RFP," Strickland said. "They determined that it was non-responsive or did not adequately answer the questions asked in the RFP."

The county had the opportunity to reopen the RFP or to cancel it, and Tom Moulton, director of the Pima County Economic Development and Tourism, said it decided to cancel it for now.

"The evaluation committee concurred that it was wise to cancel it and we will re-evaluate it down the road when things are improving," Moulton said. "Everything is frozen right now."

The decision to close the bid was made in accord with the evaluation committee, County Administrator Chuck Huckeleberry and the procurement department, Moulton added.

The county's response summary stated the proposal received did not have "individual or partnership viability" established, and a "financial package to build was not provided."

It also said the proposal "did not show how other operations were doing that might be relative to this project." And the proposal "did not go into detail on government assistance or bothered to do research on gift laws of Arizona."

"The RFP called for very specific criteria and they, for whatever reason, chose to not answer the RFP in the detail that we asked them for," Moulton said.

The request for proposals for the ice skating complex began in August, when the county sought proposals from qualified companies that were interested in developing, designing, constructing and operating an indoor ice skating recreational facility, which would be located about a mile south of Ina Road and Interstate 10 at Ted Walker Park.

The county wanted a facility with one or two sheets of ice at least 200 feet long by 85 feet wide, along with high-quality sound and lighting systems and spectator seating. It asked for a plan for adequate parking, locker rooms, referee rooms and medical aid amenities.


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