With the vote count complete, both Oro Valley Town Council incumbents have been defeated in their bids for re-election.

Mayor Paul Loomis and Councilman K.C. Carter are not moving forward to the May general election, according to results posted on the Pima County Elections Department Web site.

Loomis received the fewest votes, 2,988, in the three-way race for mayor, leaving the two top vote getters to compete for the mayor's post in May. Candidate Mike Zinkin won the most, 4,094, followed by Satish Hiremath, 3,531. Neither candidate garnered enough votes to win the seat outright.

Candidate Mary Snider won the third seat outright in the March 9 primary after receiving 6,653 votes on the 10,852 ballots cast. That means Snider was selected by more than 50 percent of the primary election voters, and wins a seat as a result.

Snider's victory means four candidates from Tuesday's primary election would advance to the May ballot to compete for two remaining seats.

Advancing to the general election are Lou Waters, (4,684 votes, 17.2 percent); Joe Hornat (4,077 votes, 14.97 percent); Donald Emmons (3,062 votes, 11.24 percent); and Matthew Rabb (2,957 votes, 10.86 percent).

Carter finished fifth in that race with 2,936 votes, 10.78 percent of those cast and 21 behind Rabb. Mark Finchem was sixth with 2,822 votes, 10.36 percent of those cast.

A total of 10,852 people cast ballots in the Oro Valley election, representing 41.3 percent of the town's 26,271 registered voters.

The Oro Valley Town Council meets Friday to consider appointment of someone to the council to fill a vacancy left by the resignation of Councilman Al Kunisch. Snider is one of 13 people who applied for the position.

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