Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry believes developer DKL Holdings should improve Avra Valley Road from its proposed landfill site in West Marana all the way to I-10, a span that includes approximately two miles of county-maintained road.

In negotiations with the Town of Marana, DKL has said it would resurface Avra Valley Road for more than six miles within the town limits as the company attempts to open a commercial, municipal and household waste landfill.

Another two miles of the road is the maintenance responsibility of Pima County, east of the town limits and west of I-10.

“There should be no difference in the requirements of this route whether it is in the unincorporated area of the county or the Town of Marana,” Huckelberry wrote in a six-page letter dated Aug. 10 to Town Manager Gilbert Davidson and Town Attorney Frank Cassidy.

Huckelberry, in making comments on a draft development agreement between DKL and the town, also said Marana should create language that prohibits the acceptance of out-of-state waste at the proposed Marana Regional Landfill. DKL has agreed it would not accept rail-hauled waste at the site. Huckelberry believes Marana should “be specific about prohibiting out of state waste if this was the reason for no rail hauling.”

The county administrator also calls for litter pickup along the trash haul route every 15 days, rather than at least every 30 days as identified in a draft of the agreement; a higher performance bond; a taller perimeter berm to reduce the landfill’s visual impact; greater flood control improvements along the Brawley Wash; higher host fees to be paid town government; an adjustment in free public access days; and taller fencing around the entire working landfill area.

Pima County Supervisors had passed a resolution against the landfill on March 2.

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