Consideration of a proposed development agreement between DTD-Devco and the Town of Marana was postponed for two weeks by the Marana Town Council last Tuesday.

The property owners, seeking an accord to develop the Marana Mercantile retail and commercial development off Marana Road and Interstate 10, sought the delay to clean up language and refine the agreement, planning director Kevin Kish said.

"There were a few words missing, and things to do," Kish said. "They want to have a clean copy."

Consideration is expected at the council's Oct. 6 meeting.

The company would build roads into and near the development, with reimbursement from a share of Marana-levied sales tax revenues generated by retailers. Marana would provide incentives for quicker construction of roads through the use of favorable interest rates paid to the developer. A Wal-Mart may anchor the site. Roads would cost near $5 million.

On Tuesday, the council also:

ā€¢ Directed staff to continue on a proposal for annexation and rezoning of part of the Oshrin Park development, off Cortaro Farms Road. Businesses at the location, among them Cutler Landscaping, are seeking both annexation and rezoning. A Quik Trip is proposed for two lots in the development.

"I really think this is a win-win for the town and the owners of these properties," Mayor Ed Honea said;

ā€¢ Heard from Councilman Jon Post, who shared his experience securing permits for a propane tank.

"Every town employee was absolutely professional and very knowledgeable," Post said. "It was a great experience."

However, Post said, "it concerns me, and terrifies me a little bit, the bureaucracy we seem to be layering upon ourselves in this town. As a council, we are allowing this" to occur. In the future, Post believes, bureaucracy "will stifle business and growth."

"We certainly take that to heart," Town Manager Gilbert Davidson responded.

Later Tuesday, the council adopted a resolution regarding operating practices and procedures. In that discussion, Davidson reiterated the staff is "very sensitive to the notion of not becoming overly bureaucratic."

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