Pima County officials have completed the official vote canvass from the recent election, and the results reveal a widespread sentiment against the failed Naranja park bond issue. (Click here for a map that breaks down the voting results).

When the results came in on election night, it was clear that 57 percent of voters said “no” to the $48.6-million park plan.

But the deeper analysis shows the bond question failed in all but two of the town’s 23 elections precincts.

The issue had the most support in the precinct that includes the park site, where 56 percent of voters approved the measure.

In another precinct at the southern edge of town, the proposal earned nearly 70 percent of the vote.

But the support in that area did little to change the outcome of the vote because most of the precinct’s residents live outside town boundaries.

In the final tally, only three people there voted. 

The town’s most populous precincts voted overwhelmingly against the park proposal.

None of Rancho Vistoso’s voting districts gave majority approval to the measure, and none were more opposed than the precinct that includes Sun City and Stone Canyon where 70 percent voted against the plan.

In fact, 15 districts voted down the park plan with margins of 5 percent or more.

Of those districts, eight voted against the ballot measure with margins of 10 percent or greater.

In all, 13,041 town residents (57.63 percent)  voted against the park bond measure.

Those favoring borrowing money for the park number 9,589 (42.37 percent).

Town officials have not decided what to do with the 213-acre property.

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