On a 5-1 vote, the Marana Town Council has adopted an ordinance to annex approximately 1,200 acres of land within which is the site of a proposed commercial landfill.

At several points May 18, council members told the audience the question before them was specifically about annexation, and not whether a landfill should be allowed on a 430-acre portion of the property.

After discussion, Councilwoman Carol McGorray cast the lone dissenting vote. Vice Mayor Herb Kai, a landowner within the parcel and one of the annexation applicants, abstained from the decision.

In recent weeks, landfill opponents have addressed the council to express their opposition to the annexation. Several spoke Tuesday, and the council was presented with 210 new signatures against the annexation, pushing that total to 845.

Councilman Russell Clanagan said the council has reached "the meat" of the landfill issue, but has instead heard information and ideas from residents. He urged landfill opponents to sit with representatives of DKL Holdings, the company proposing landfill development, to work on issues, then to "come up with some solid, factual reasons that this project should not go forward," according to council minutes.

The area is largely north of Avra Valley Road, and includes a 1.5-mile section of that roadway. Kevin Kish, Marana's general manager of development services, said the town is looking to relocate Avra Valley Road, aligning it with an existing bridge and making a four-lane highway to the Avra Valley interchange.

The council is planning a special meeting on Tuesday, June 22 to study rezoning of the property and an expected application for a use.

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