On Thursday, Dec. 23, at about 9:45 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to the Walmart at Tangerine and Oracle roads in reference to shoplifting. When police arrived, the loss prevention employee had the suspect in his office. The employee said the suspect put several items, including jewelry, clothes, sunglasses and other items, in her jacket and purse, with some in plastic bags not from Walmart. The suspect told police she did not intend to steal anything when she came into the store, but tried to steal the items because she was experiencing financial difficulties and her children deserved the items. When police searched her, they found more jewelry hidden in a torn pocket section of her jacket and some sunglasses and scent blocks in her bags. She was arrested for shoplifting and told she would be charged with trespassing if she returned to a Walmart store. She was released and escorted out of the building.

On Sunday, Dec. 19, at about 2:20 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to a theft from a vehicle. The victims told police their Chevy Impala was broken into some time after 9 p.m. two days prior. They believed the car, which was parked in the driveway, was locked. There were no signs of damage or forced entry. The victims said they were missing a men’s jacket, women’s boots, some cash, a few bracelets and a few pairs of sunglasses. The stolen property was assessed at about $460. The car was not fingerprinted because the car had been driven since then. No arrests were made and the case is closed due to a lack of leads.

On Saturday, Dec. 18, at about 1 p.m., Oro Valley police talked with a woman over the phone who said some of her mail had been stolen. The victim said she placed two Christmas cards in her mailbox and put the flag up at about 11:30 earlier that day. A little over an hour later, the victim said she saw the door to the mailbox was open and the cards were missing. The victim said there was nothing of value in the cards but the cards themselves. Postage included, the theft was assessed at $6.88. The victim was mailed her victim rights and told the case was closed due to a lack of leads.

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