An Aug. 17 session before the Marana Town Council on the Marana Regional Landfill Specific Plan is a continuation of a July 20 public hearing, a conversation that drew more than 75 people, nearly 40 of whom spoke for or against the landfill.

The town council may vote next Tuesday on whether to pass or defeat the zoning change, which was recommended to it by the town planning commission in February.

The specific plan, governing a project area of 590 acres north of Avra Valley Road, east of Trico Road and southwest of Silverbell Road in what is now the northwest limits of the town, would accommodate a regional landfill, including the ability to provide material recovery and recycling operations. The landfill itself would occupy 430 acres within the 590-acre total. It is expected to have a 50-year active life.

Buffer land would surround the facility, and would be at its widest close to Silverbell Road, the east branch of the Brawley Wash and the Silverbell West subdivision.

Silverbell West is the closest residential development, its southwestern edge some 3,273 feet from the northeast edge of the landfill itself.

If the specific plan is adopted by the town council, DKL Holdings would move into the regulatory process with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. In addition, DKL Holdings and the Town of Marana are preparing a development agreement that would detail terms and conditions for landfill development and operation outside of the regulatory process. More conversations on the development agreement were expected at both closed and open council sessions Tuesday, Aug. 10.

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