The Town of Marana anticipates 14 worker layoffs to balance its fiscal year 2010-'11 budget.

Those reductions, to be detailed in a budget proposal from Town Manager Gilbert Davidson, shall include reductions in non-sworn police positions, personnel in parks and recreation, and permits and records.

In a Wednesday release, the town said another 21 employees have opted to take the town's separation incentive plan, allowing them to receive an incentive payment if they voluntarily leave town employment by Dec. 31. Four of those positions are scheduled to be refilled. Net savings are more than $400,000 from the voluntary separation for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

With the combination of voluntary severance and layoffs, Marana is eliminating 16.5 full-time equivalents in its parks and recreation department, three non-sworn police positions, and 1.125 FTEs in the permits and records center. Some of the eliminated positions are currently vacant.

Employees to be laid off were told Wednesday, Davidson said Wednesday night. Employees' last days of work vary by program; those jobs would be eliminated before the fiscal year begins July 1.

Those reductions mean Marana would have approximately 300 full-time equivalent positions in the new year. It had a budgeted 362 FTEs two years ago.

Total general fund reductions next fiscal year would reach $4.7 million under Davidson's proposal, which he presents to the town council this Tuesday night. Non-personnel costs would be cut $2.9 million, and personnel costs reduced by $1.79 million.

There are no plans in the proposal for mandatory employee furloughs nor pay cuts in the new fiscal year "unless the legislature transfers extra costs to cities and counties in efforts to balance the state budget," the release said.

Davidson said he'll recommend a balanced budget that "emphasizes the community's core values" of safety, health and cleanliness "while not increasing taxes." Program reductions and adjustments are planned in Marana's parks and recreation programming.

Marana has experienced a two-year, 17 percent drop in general fund revenues, from $34.3 million in fiscal 2008-'09 to a projected $28.6 million in fiscal 2010-'11. The town reduced its general fund expenditures by $7.2 million during the current fiscal year, "with no impacts on services," Davidson said. Most of those savings came from non-personnel reductions, including delaying the purchase of vehicles, drops in funding to outside agencies and cuts in commodity purchases, professional services, special events, travel and training, memberships and subscriptions and uniform allowances. Additionally, the town reduced personnel expenditures by eliminating nearly 18 vacant positions.

The town council will consider the budget direction at its April 13 meeting, which begins at 6 p.m. in council chambers.

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