Bob Baughman honored for efforts to preserve OV history
Randy Metcalf/The Explorer, Bob Baughman was recognized last month by the Oro Valley Historic Preservation Commission, the Oro Valley Historical Society and former town council members for his work and contributions to historical preservation in the community.

Bob Baughman, a leader in preservation of Oro Valley history, has been honored by the Oro Valley Historic Preservation Commission, Oro Valley Historical Society and former town council members.

The Oro Valley resident has served on the historic preservation commission and is currently a member of the Oro Valley Historical Society. He also helped write the ordinance that created the preservation commission, and served as its chairman.

“He served as chair for the first several years that it was in place, which was a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of organization of the commission, its work plan, the things that needed to be done with regard to the Hohokam village archaeological site up in Rancho Vistoso, and of course the Steam Pump Ranch property,” said Bill Adler, who organized and funded a luncheon in Baughman’s honor.

During the gathering, people shared stories about Baughman.

“You’re a person who has been very involved,” said Pat Spoerl, former town council member and a member of the historical society. “I would like to make a toast to all your past contributions, current contributions and future contributions.”

“I fell right at home with this group as I listen to the exaggeration and stretching of the truth,” Baughman said. “It has been a very pleasant time for me … to work with all of you who are professionals. I have learned from every one of you, and in large part, those have been good things that I have learned.”

He thanked all in attendance for “making retirement the type of life it should be.”

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