The voters have spoken, and they want medical marijuana.

Proposition 203, better known as the medical marijuana initiative, appears to have passed by a 4,026-vote margin in results tabulated from the Nov. 2 election. That’s enough to bypass the state’s automatic recount statutes.

As of last week, only Maricopa County had ballots left to count, with more than 200,000 remaining. In the final tally, the voters there cast 480,562 ballots in favor, 484,588 opposed.

Across the state, a total of more than 1.6 million votes were cast on both sides, with 841,346 voting in favor and 837,005 opposed. Less than one percentage point separated the two sides.

Four of the state’s 15 counties cast majority votes in favor of the proposition. Those were Coconino, Navajo, Pima and Santa Cruz counties.

Another initiative, Prop 112, remains too close to call.

With more than 1.5 million votes cast, a scant 123 votes separate the sides. The measure lost narrowly with 792,820 votes opposed and 792,697 in favor.

The measure sought to change the timeline for filing petitions for ballot initiatives. Under the proposed change, petitions would have to be filed two months earlier than currently required. Now, petitions need to be received four months prior to Election Day.

Because the vote fell within the margins of an automatic recall, elections officials intend to take the final canvass to a superior court judge who would order the recount.

The final canvass is scheduled for release on Nov. 29. Each county would be required to recount all the ballots with Prop 112, in this case all the ballots cast. A recount would take 10 work days.

The state will reimburse counties for the costs of the recount, estimated near $200,000, according to State Elections Department officials.

Final results for of the recount are not expected until mid-December.

Proposition 203

Yes: 841,346

No: 837,005

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