In a preliminary result, Mary Snider has been elected to a seat on the Oro Valley Town Council.

Totals from Tuesday's primary election show Snider with 5,921 votes, leading a field of seven council hopefuls with 24.46 percent of all votes cast, according to the Pima County Recorder's Office.

A total of 9,610 voters cast ballots in Oro Valley's mail-in election. Snider's total represents 62 percent of all voters. When a primary election candidate is chosen by at least 50 percent of all voters, he or she is elected to the council, according to Mary Davis, communications administrator for the town.

Oro Valley expected confirmation of the outcome by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Davis said.

The Oro Valley Town Council meets this Friday, March 12, to consider appointment of a council member to the vacancy left by the resignation of Al Kunisch. Snider was one of 13 who applied for appointment. She could be seated Friday; otherwise, Snider's term would begin June 2.

Seven candidates were on the primary election ballot. Snider's vote total led the way, followed by Lou Waters, (4,121 votes, 17.02 percent); Joe Hornat (3,663 votes, 15.13 percent); Donald Emmons (2,702 votes, 11.16 percent); incumbent KC Carter (2,640 votes, 10.9 percent); Matthew Rabb (2,632 votes, 10.87 percent); and Mark Finchem (2,490 votes, 10.28 percent).

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