In a year when most local governments plan to scale back expenses, Marana is no exception. Officials plan to spend less on capital improvement projects (CIP) in fiscal 2009 than in the current fiscal year.

Town Manager Mike Reuswaat’s proposed fiscal 2009 budget sets aside $132.4 million — about 19 percent less — for projects that include everything from road work to building new parks. The town this year spent about $164.1 million on such projects.

Money for capital projects comes from a variety of sources, the largest of which — 28 percent, or $38.6 million — flows from water service fees. Other sources of money for capital projects include impact fees, the town’s airport enterprise fund and the Pima Association of Governments.

Town officials in fiscal 2009 hope to pay for several projects, including finishing the Honea Heights neighborhood sewer and road improvements, building the Silverbell District Park and a new air control tower and terminal at the Marana Regional Airport.

The town council likely will approve the capital spending plan this month. Town officials plan to adopt a final budget in June.

Capital budget

The $132.4 million tentatively set aside for capital projects in fiscal 2009 comes from a variety of sources, including:

Water fees: $38.6 million

Transportation fees: $20.6 million

Pima Association of Governments: $19 million

Impact fees: $12.6 million

Airport fund: $10.8 million

General fund: $2.5 million

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