When you think of what a nerd looks like, chances are a resident of SaddleBrooke doesn’t pop up before the slouched, horn-rimmed glasses and pocket protector-wearing teenager with a penchant for science.

But a club in the north Tucson area retirement community is not afraid to wear the nerd moniker.

Like their name implies, the SaddleBrooke Nerds lean toward the academic and intellectual. The club hosts eight speakers a year, from the scholarly to the cultural. When the club returns from its summer break, it could take a new form, said organizer Harold Fromm.

A visiting scholar and unpaid faculty member for the University of Arizona, Fromm has written several books on subjects ranging from the environment to 20th century authors to philosophy.

About half of the club’s members hold doctorates, Fromm said.

“Given the nerds quality of the members, it became necessary as the club grew we would get more eminent speakers,” Fromm said.

The club has hosted speakers such as psychologist and author David Barash, local classical music expert James Reel and radiologist Jean-Paul Bierny.

The club has been around for about a decade, but due to the difficulty of finding speakers for each meeting, Fromm hopes some of the other members can help book the lectures for the meetings.

“It also served as a social function because all these nerdy people became friends with each other,” Fromm said.

The Saddlebrooke Nerds should begin meeting in the fall. For more information, contact Harold Fromm at 818-1660.

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