The race for the U.S. House seat in Congressional District 8 is close.

So close, in fact, that the Arizona Democratic Party paid for a mailer extolling Libertarian candidate Steven Stoltz as "The Real Conservative."

"It's all about letting voters know what their choices are," said Jennifer Johnson, Arizona Democratic Party communications director. "The intention of this mailer is so that people know who's on the ballot."

Johnson said the purpose of the Democratic Party's mailer was not to peel off votes from more conservative and libertarian-minded voters who have grown disenchanted with the GOP.

Pima County Republican party spokesman Barney Brenner doubts the claims by Johnson and the Democratic Party of civic responsibility.

"The Arizona Democratic Party has no qualms about lying to you," Brenner said.

He said the Democrats must think the race looks too close for CD 8 Democratic incumbent Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and decided to try to strip votes from Republican Jesse Kelly.

"It tells me they are desperate," Brenner said.

According to Brenner, the Democrats should be worried. He predicts better than forecast gains for the GOP in Tuesday's election.

"I think the polling doesn't accurately or completely reflect the mood of the electorate this year," Brenner said.

Johnson said the Democratic Party paid for the mailer, which she distinguished from advertisement, without coordination from Stoltz or the Libertarian Party.

She also said Kelly was a "flawed candidate," and suggested GOP voters should look at Stoltz if they desire a more conservative representative.

"If people think he (Kelly) holds Tea Party values dear, they haven't met Steve Stoltz," Johnson said.

In a voicemail, Stoltz told The Explorer that he has not worked with the Arizona Democratic Party and only became aware of the mailer when people told him about it.

"I'm not working for Giffords, I want to make that clear," Stoltz said.

He did confirm the claims on the mailer were accurate representations of his political views, however, including abolishing income taxes and no restrictions on gun ownership.

He also said he wasn't concerned with how the mailer would affect Kelly's electoral chances, saying: "I'm not loyal to the Republican Party as a Libertarian."

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