A warning period for Pima County's speed enforcement program began Monday at 10 locations, and runs through Monday, May 25, when citations are being issued.

A new start date was set following the completion of roadway repairs, which caused inconsistent results during initial quality control testing, a release said. "Current speed validation and quality assurance testing completed by American Traffic Solutions confirms the required accuracy and ensures that the system is working correctly within the company's strict tolerances," it added.

Fixed speed enforcement cameras have been placed at 10 collision-prone roadway corridors that accounted for 26 percent of all speeding tickets issued in 2008, and where more than 4,100 crashes have occurred over the last three years.

The locations are:

• North La Cholla Boulevard near West Sunset Road

• South Mission Road near West Grubstake Drive

• East Ina Road near North Camino de las Candelas

• North Swan Road near East Calle Barril

• East Valencia Road near South Wilmot Road.

• West Ruthrauff Road near West Rillito Street

• West Valencia Road near South Camino de la Tierra

• South Alvernon Way near South Station Master Drive

• East River Road near North Country Club Road

• South Nogales Highway near East Hermans Road

"The goal of the photo enforcement program is simple – to better obtain voluntary compliance with the posted speed limits by motorists who use the public highway system in Pima County," the release said. "This program is designed to make collision-prone roadway segments safer for all drivers."

The eastbound Red Rock entrance and exit ramp on I-10 is going to be closed from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. Wednesday and Thursday, May 20-21, for construction activity, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Eastbound motorists are asked to use the Picacho Peak Road exit, 219. They can follow the frontage road for about seven miles to the Red Rock overpass.

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