Sporting Chance

A new indoor sports facility will be unveiled to the public on July 18.

The brand new, state-of-the-art Sporting Chance Center soon will open to sports-oriented youth and adults, allowing year-round play in Southern Arizona’s largest indoor sports facility.

The public is invited on July 18 to the unveiling of the $6 million facility, 2100 W. Curtis Road. Nearly 40,000 square feet of indoor space can accommodate up to five basketball courts or eight volleyball courts, as well as any other activity that utilizes a wood floor, such as badminton or dodgeball.

Doors open to the press at 4:30 p.m., with public access between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

The complex came to fruition through a unique partnership between Tucson Medical Center, Pima County and Southern Arizona Community Sports.

“After a decade of building a foundation for this effort, we are thrilled to be able to offer safe, accessible and affordable indoor space for programs that promote health and fitness for youth and others in the community,” said Don Tringali, the executive director of the nonprofit Southern Arizona Community Sports, which operates the facility. Pima County owns the facility and covers a portion of the operating costs.

Julia Strange, Tucson Medical Center’s vice president of community benefit, said the nonprofit hospital was responding to a need to provide a safe outlet for active lifestyles when it agreed to help fund the project. “Cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes continue to be among the top killers in our community and with the rising obesity rate, that will continue,” Strange said. “We want to make a positive impact on the community, and promoting fitness is one way for us to do that.”

The Center is designed as a rental facility for organized youth sports programs and is ideal for league play and tournaments. However, a block of hours each week is reserved for open play and walk-ins to promote physical fitness in an informal, supervised setting.

“Fitness, strength and teamwork don’t have to go on hiatus just because summer is here,” said Pima County Supervisor Sharon Bronson. “This family-friendly facility is something we can all be proud of, and will serve as an asset for generations to come.”

A formal grand opening will be held in September. For more information, please call Crystal Kasnoff at 520-429-0045.

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