On Thursday, Nov, 5 at 12 p.m., Oro Valley police spoke with an assistant principal at Ironwood Ridge High School who said that a parent had relayed concerns about an iPod Touch her child brought home that belonged to another student. The woman told police that the iPod had been borrowed from another student, but what concerned her were some photos of a nude male she found while searching through the device. Police spoke with a 17-year-old girl who owns the iPod who said she was unaware of any photos. She also told police that she often loans the electronic device to her friends. Police were able to confirm that the photos had been sent to the girl's e-mail and then sent to the iPod. They also tentatively confirmed the identification of the man in the photographs as an 18-year-old former Ironwood Ridge student. The girl told police that she is not involved in a relationship with the man. The iPod was placed into evidence pending further investigation. No arrests were made.

On Monday, Nov. 9 at 11:30 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to the urgent care facility at 13101 N. Oracle Road in reference to suspicious activity. Employees there told police that a man came to the clinic with a stab wound in his abdomen. Another man accompanied the patient. Employees thought the two might have worked together. Police searched for the man unsuccessfully and no arrests we made.

On Friday, Nov. 6 at 9:30 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to a burglary in progress. When police arrived, they met with four occupants of the house who were children. Two of the children were 8-years-old and two who were 12-years-old. They told police a man wearing a black ski mask and who was carrying a handgun rang their doorbell numerous times. The children fled upstairs. The man then came inside the fenced backyard to the back door and knocked several times. Police notified the parents, took a description from each of the children, and took DNA swabs from the front and back door areas. No arrests were made.

On Sunday, Nov. 8 at 8 a.m., Oro Valley police responded to neighborhood park near Rancho Vistoso Blvd. and Arrowsmith Drive in reference to a water leak. Police found the men's restroom flooded with a large amount of water draining out of the bathroom. The water had been flowing for approximately 2 hours, according to police reports. The toilet had a large amount of toilet paper in the blow and the toilet had been lit on fire. A "stringy burnt plastic material" had been melted and was stuck to the toilet and surrounding floor. The tank was broken, which was the cause of the leak, and the seat was lying in pieces on the floor. Golder Ranch Fire District was called, the water was turned off at the tank and the bathroom was taped off. No arrests we made.

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