A New Year's Eve shooting has shocked the normally calm community of SaddleBrooke, where an 80-year-old man took his own life after attempting to kill his long-time girlfriend.

Hector Holguin of Mission Hills, Calif., drove to SaddleBrooke on Dec. 31 intent on either salvaging his crumbling relationship or killing his estranged mate, Pinal County Sheriff's Department officials said.

"He held her at gunpoint and told her it was a murder-suicide mission," said Lt. Tamatha Villar, public information officer with the Pinal County Sheriff's Department. "He told her if he couldn't have her, no one would."

Police have not identified the woman who Holguin shot. Villar would say that the victim is 74 years old and lives on East Amberwood in SaddleBrooke.

The victim told investigators that Holguin held her hostage in her home for most of the day Dec. 31. Late that day, the woman's daughter called the house and sensed something wrong in her mother's demeanor.

Villar said investigators believe there was an undocumented history of abuse in the relationship that the daughter likely knew about.

"The victim had been trying to break off a long-term relationship with Mr. Holguin," Villar said.

The daughter began to ask if Holguin was there, and if he was armed and dangerous. The woman told her daughter that Holguin was at the house.

After the call ended, police say Holguin questioned the woman about the conversation, at which time the woman attempted to flee the home.

Holguin fired three shots from a .38-caliber revolver at the woman as she ran, hitting her once in the back of the arm. The woman was able to reach a safe place and call for help, Villar said.

When sheriff's deputies arrived, they attempted to make contact with Holguin at the home, but got no response. When they entered the house, they found Holguin lying with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

He was transported to University Medical Center in Tucson, where he was treated for his wound. He died on Jan 1.

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