Preliminary results for the Oro Valley Town Council and mayoral primary election are in, with three-term incumbent Mayor Paul Loomis running third to challengers Mike Zinkin and Satish Hiremath in a race for two spots on the May ballot.

If the results hold true, as reported on the Pima County Elections Department Web site Tuesday night, Zinkin is the primary's top vote-getter, with 3,652 votes, or 38.8 percent of those cast. Hiremath was second with 3,085 votes, or 32.75 percent, and Loomis third at 2,672 votes, or 28.37 percent.

In the contest for three council seats, seven candidates were on the primary election ballot. None appears to have won the needed 50 percent of the votes to win a seat outright. If the tally holds, candidate Mark Finchem would not advance to the general election ballot. The six competing for three spots are Mary Snider (5,921 votes, 24.46 percent); Lou Waters, (4,121 votes, 17.02 percent); Joe Hornat (3,663 votes, 15.13 percent); Donald Emmons (2,702 votes, 11.16 percent); incumbent KC Carter (2,640 votes, 10.9 percent); and Matthew Rabb (2,632 votes, 10.87 percent). Finchem had 2,490 votes, 10.28 percent of those case.

Results show that slightly more than 36 percent of registered voters voted in the election.


Preliminary results of the election follow.


Oro Valley Mayor


Mike Zinkin     38.77 percent

Satish Hiremath          32.75 percent

Paul Loomis     28.37 percent


Oro Valley Council


Mary Snider    24.46 percent

Lou Waters 17.02 percent

Joe Hornat       15.13 percent

Donald Emmons          11.16 percent

Matthew Rabb            10.87 percent

Mark Finchem 10.28 percent

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