Arizonans chose the names Isabella and Jacob for their newborns more than any other in 2010.

As of Dec. 22, 511 Arizona girls were given the name Isabella, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Parents gave the name Jacob to 487 baby boys in 2010.

Isabella has topped the list of baby names for four consecutive years in Arizona. Jacob repeats from 2009 as the state’s most popular name for boys.

Other popular girl names in 2010 include Sophia, Mia, Emma and Olivia.

Anthony, Daniel, Alexander and Angel were among the most popular boys’ names. The names Gabriel, Jayden and Noah made the list of popular boy’s names for the first time.

The Arizona Department of Health Services collects data from birth certificates in the Office of Vital Records.

Arizona saw a drop in total births for the fourth year running.

In 2010, 78,500 babies were born in the state, compared to 87,786 in 2009.

In 2008 and 2007, 93,355 and 96,552 babies were born, respectively.

Births in Arizona

Girls Boys Total

2010 38,525 39,975 78,500

2009 42,796 44,990 87,782

2008 45,718 47,637 93,355

2007 47,172 49,380 96,552

Source: Arizona Department of Health Services

Popular baby names in Arizona


Isabella 511

Sophia 462

Mia 325

Emma 301

Olivia 274

Emily 252

Abigail 246

Ava 243

Madison 207

Natalie 200

Samantha 191

Victoria 189

Elizabeth 187

Chloe 185

Alexis 169

Hailey 159

Addison 154

Camila 149

Ella 144

Bella 143


Jacob 487

Anthony 387

Daniel 376

Alexander 369

Angel 348

Michael 335

Gabriel 313

Jayden 313

Ethan 302

Noah 296

Aiden 290

José 276

Joseph 272

Julian 271

Andrew 268

David 268

Christopher 267

Adrian 266

Joshua 265

Logan 265

Source: Arizona Department of Health Services

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