Late last month, Pima County elections officials began to send out vote-by-mail ballots to voters throughout the county.

Residents of one Oro Valley voting precinct, though, opened their election envelopes to find the town’s Naranja Park bond question omitted from the ballot.

Precinct 360 covers the area of town east of La Cholla Air Park, west of Rancho Vistoso Boulevard, south of Stone Canyon Country Club and north of Tangerine Road.

A small section of precinct 360 sits in unincorporated Pima County.

About 2,000 registered voters live in the precinct, all of them in Oro Valley. The county section of the precinct is undeveloped.

In response to a letter Oro Valley officials sent to county elections representatives, Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry offered an explanation.

Elections officials, Huckelberry explained, have two versions of the ballot to print for the precinct because it covers two jurisdictions — Oro Valley and Pima County.

As a result of the two ballot styles, a mix-up caused some ballots printed for county voters to be sent to Oro Valley residents. In all, 49 townspeople were sent the erroneous ballots.

After county officials detected the error, the Pima County Recorder’s Office notified the affected residents and had new ballots printed and sent.

The county has 523 different ballot styles to print for the election, Huckelberry noted.

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