Residents of Marana Estates are continuing their pleas to the Marana Town Council to do something to mollify the effects of industrial and commercial activity in their neighborhood.

The town council, and town staff, are listening. Marana Estates is going to be a topic for comprehensive discussions at a future council study session, the governing board and town staff agreed last Tuesday night.

Marana Estates, identified by residents as the oldest subdivision in Marana, has become a mix of commercial and residential uses near Interstate 10. Residents, upset earlier this summer when implement dealer Earhart Equipment proposed opening a business in the neighborhood, complained about other businesses that create noise and traffic, including tractor-trailers on residential streets.

At the council's Sept. 15 meeting, resident Brianne Meza said residents want "their streets free of 18-wheelers. … Correct a mistake by the town staff. We still have problems with 18-wheelers. They still continue to speed down the road."

Using maps, resident Alisha Meza pointed out an adjoining piece of land that "could be used to create an entry way to commercial properties" off Amole Circle, bypassing the residential street. "We really need something done soon for the safety of the residents," Meza said.

"Thank you for bringing some ideas back to us, instead of just complaining," Councilwoman Patty Comerford said.

"I think we need to help these people at Amole Circle," Councilwoman Roxanne Ziegler said. "Our building people need to go out there and see what in the world we can do. We've been remiss."

Town Manager Gilbert Davidson recommended a comprehensive study of the neighborhood at a future council study session.

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