By a contentious 4-3 vote, the Oro Valley Town Council accepted the town manager's resignation, on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

Mayor Paul Loomis joined council members Paula Abbott, K.C. Carter and Al Kunisch in accepting Town Manager David Andrews' resignation.

Andrews had worked for the town for nearly two decades, starting as finance director, and then moving to assistant town manager until replacing former town manager Chuck Sweet in 2006.

"I'm very disappointed in his performance on several items and we've had a breakdown of communication," Carter told the Explorer in an interview Thursday.

Carter declined to elaborate on specific issues, only reiterating that he believed Andrews' had not effectively communicated certain matters to the council.

During the debate over Andrews' resignation, Abbott alluded to deeper issues at play.

"If I divulge all the issues it will hurt (Andrews)," Abbott said, suggesting that Andrews' future employment opportunities could be damaged.

The council discussed Andrews' performance in an executive session at a meeting on Sept. 16. His contract was not put on the agenda for discussion at that time.

Because no action was requested at that meeting, Andrews' contract was renewed by default.

Councilwoman Salette Latas, who voted against accepting Andrews' resignation, excoriated fellow council members for speaking with the Explorer about the issue during a break before the final vote.

"I'm a little concerned that council members Carter and Kunisch are running their mouths to the press," Latas said.

Councilman Barry Gillaspie, who also opposed the resignation, suggested that the four members who ultimately voted to accept Andrews' resignation were attempting to hide something.

"I'm just going to call this a flat-out attempt to cover something up," Gillaspie said. "This isn't right."

He wasn't alone in that assessment.

Councilman Bill Garner suggested that the four members who voted in support of the resignation had potentially violated state laws.

"I'm concerned tonight about open meeting violations," Garner said.

Garner also questioned why Andrews had written a letter of resignation before the council formally asked him to resign.

"It was prepared this morning at the request of the mayor," Andrews said.

Loomis then explained that Andrews had requested the opportunity to resign in lieu of being fired.

Andrews' resignation included an amendment to provide for him a severance package. The total value of his compensation tops $144,000.

His resignation took effect Sept. 24.

For more on this story see next week's Explorer.

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