Mountain Vista Fire District has been successful in annexing the Camino de Mañana area in Northwest Pima County and received certification of the annexation from the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

The annexation includes 548 parcels with a total assessed valuation of $11,005,615 in the Camino de Mañana area, which takes in a large number of properties covered by an unsuccessful 2011 Northwest Fire District annexation, according to Mountain Vista chief Ed Wilkerson.

In order for an annexation to be successful, at least 50 percent plus one of the owners of parcels in the annexation area, representing 50 percent plus $1 in total assessed valuation must sign the annexation petition within a year of the filing of the annexation. The board of supervisors must validate annexation petitions in order for the annexation to succeed. 

Wilkerson said that 273 property owners representing $7,154,441 in assessed property value signed the Mountain Vista annexation petitions, which the fire district delivered to the board of supervisors. The board of supervisors certified the petitions at its January 22 meeting. That evening the Mountain Vista Board of Directors conducted a public hearing and then voted to change the fire district boundaries to include the annexation area.

Fire protection service for the Camino de Mañana area began immediately upon the fire board’s action.

Mountain Vista Fire District had offered residents in the annexation area a one-year subscription service to cover them for fire protection while the annexation process was under way. Otherwise, residents of the area did not have access to fire protection coverage. The subscription cost Mountain Vista charged was the fire district’s tax rate of $1.299 per $100 in secondary assessed value, plus 10 percent, Wilkerson said.

Wilkerson said the 548 parcels that were annexed into the district is a constantly moving number due to activity that divides larger parcels into smaller ones.

“There always is some development activity taking place where larger parcels will be divided into a number of smaller ones,” he said, “so we expect that we will have more structures in the annexation area in the future.”

Wilkerson noted that the annexation would not cause the district to increase its current number of fire apparatus or stations. The district operates two pumpers, an aerial ladder and a command vehicle out of two stations — Fire Station 610 at 1175 W. Magee Rd. and Fire Station 620 at 9310 N. Shannon Rd.

Wilkerson added, “The Northwest part of the county is a desirable area for residential construction, in particular this area annexed, the Tangerine and Twin Peaks corridors, which have the potential for a significant number of infill lots to be developed.” If that development happens, he said, “a satellite station sited in that area is likely in the future, depending on the economy continuing to improve and development actually happening.”

The chief believes the annexation was successful because of the activity of annexation area residents.

“When had our public hearing on the evening of January 22, approximately 20 residents from the area showed up,” Wilkerson said. “There were no negative comments made, but we saw a very happy group of people who were excited to be part of the fire district. This kind of effort is not so much driven by the fire district or its staff, but by the people in the community, which is what we found in the Camino de Mañana area.”


Annexation area

What: Mountain View Fire District annexation of Camino de Mañana.

Land:  The annexation includes 548 parcels, with a total assessed value of $11,005,615 in Camino de Mañana.

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Based on the article, the annexation should have failed.

While the 50% of valuation mark was easily surpassed, the 50% plus 1 approval did not. According to the article 273 parcels approved out of 548. 50% plus 1 of 548 would mean that 275 parcels would have had to of approved the annexation. Is it a typo?

Did the District simply stop trying to get yes votes when they got exactly to what they thought was the required tally?

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