As evidenced by a trio of resolutions approved by the Oro Valley Town Council, election season approaches.

With unanimous support last week, the council codified dates for Oro Valley Town Council primary and general elections. The primary is set for March 10, and the general election May 18.

Voting will be conducted by mail for both contests. The council also approved an agreement with the Pima County Elections Department to mail out ballots and count votes.

The seats of Mayor Paul Loomis and council members Paula Abbott, K.C. Carter and Al Kunisch are up for grabs.

Loomis has held the post of mayor since 1998. Abbott was first elected in 2002. Carter was elected to a two-year term in 2004, and later in 2006 won re-election to a full four-year term. Kunisch was elected to council in 2006.

So far, Loomis is the only sitting council member to file "statement of organization" papers, which all candidates must do if they intend to receive contributions, spend money, circulate petitions or distribute campaign literature.

Four hopefuls have filed organization papers, including Satish Hiremath, Joe Hornat, Mary Snider and Mike Zinkin. Hiremath has announced his intent to run for mayor; the others are council candidates.

Organization papers do not necessarily mean the individual plans to run. To make official plans to run, candidates also must collect the signatures of at least 284 people who signed the candidate's petition to run for council and complete a candidate packet by the Dec. 9 deadline.

Candidate packets are available now from the town clerk's office.

Important Dates

Candidate packets

Due by Dec. 9, packets not accepted before Nov. 9

Primary election

March 9

Voter registration deadline

Feb. 8

Early voting begins

Feb. 4

General election

May 18

Voter registration deadline

April 19

Early voting begins

April 15

New council takes office

June 2

To run for town council

Must be an Oro Valley resident for one year before the election, or reside in newly annexed area for one year before Election Day.

At least 18 years old

If a convicted felon, must have civil rights restored before running.

Candidates must collect at least 284, but not more than 568, signatures to be nominated to run for Oro Valley Town Council.

For more information

(see Town Clerk's page)

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