A Northwest man fatally stabbed his partner before taking his own life with a gun, according to the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

David Rosas Munguia, 37, and Ceciela Lopez, 41, were found dead in a home on the 7300 block of N. Camino de la Tierra during the afternoon of Monday, May 3.

Homicide detectives determined there had been an argument between the couple, who had children. Munguia called a family member, who lived close by, to come over to the residence. When the family member arrived, she discovered both people deceased.

Detectives advised Lopez had been stabbed multiple times, and Munguia was killed by a single, self-inflicted gunshot.

On Saturday, May 8 at 3:30 p.m., Oro Valley police responded to the Marshall's store at 7900 N. Oracle Road in reference to an incident of shoplifting. Once there, police spoke with store employees who had detained a woman who was seen taking items without paying. The woman was argumentative and originally gave them false identification, employees said. The employees told police that they saw the woman place two bottles of perfume into a hat in her shopping cart and then cover the items with her purse. She later proceeded to check out, paying only for a pair of shoes and not the bottles of perfume. The incident was recorded on in-store surveillance cameras. The woman was arrested on charges of shoplifting and false reporting to law enforcement. She was taken to Pima County Adult Detention Center and booked into jail.

On Tuesday, May 4, a resident who said her bank found at least three checks bearing her name that appeared to be fraudulent contacted Oro Valley police. The woman said the checks, totaling $2,400, were from her bank account. Bank employees told her they became suspicious because the signatures did not match those that they had on file. She was uncertain how someone got her checks, but told police they appeared to have known when she would have money in the bank, based on the dates they attempted to cash the checks. The money, however, was not deducted from her account.

On Monday, May 3 at 9 a.m., an Oro Valley police officer working at Wilson K-8 School responded to an incident of weapons misconduct. A student was found to be carrying a set of brass knuckles at school. When questioned, the student told police that he carried the brass knuckles for protection. Police and school officials later searched the student's backpack and found a switchblade knife with a three-inch blade. The student told police that he carries the knife for protection when outside the school and the brass knuckles for protection inside the school. He could not elaborate on any incidents of bullying or threats made against him, a police report noted. The youth was charged with two misdemeanor counts of misconduct involving weapons. The case was referred to Pima County Juvenile Court for further investigation.

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