Hundreds of new commuters have registered with Sun Rideshare in the first two months of the Sun Rideshare Commuter Contest.

Commuters are learning about the contest at their workplace, on the bus, from friends and family and on Facebook. Pima County, the City of Tucson and the University of Arizona have created "an avalanche of contest participants with e-mail blasts, newsletters and flyers," a release said.

Sun Rideshare, a program of Pima Association of Governments, is using Facebook to keep area commuters informed of the contest's progress and results. Fans get a sneak preview of each contest before it is posted to the Sun Rideshare Web site.

In December and January, commuters have logged in their alternative mode commutes to qualify for prize drawings. Once registered, commuters can record their daily commutes and mileage on the Commute Calendar in the Sun Rideshare interactive matching system. Each commuter is given a tally of their alternative mode trips, vehicle miles reduced and pollution savings.

In December, there were 10,000 visits to the Sun Rideshare Web site. More than 500 commuters registered 12,362 alternative mode trips and reduced 118,000 vehicle miles traveled and 102,000 pounds of greenhouse gases," the release said.

Most of the prizes are being purchased by Pima Association of Governments from employers participating in the travel reduction program. In January, the Westin LaPaloma donated the prize of a weekend getaway. Nearly 300 people have logged in their commutes, hoping to win this prize.

The monthly contest is running for one year "to reinforce the use of alternative transportation, give individuals driving alone an incentive to try a different mode of transportation, and to keep the community engaged with different ways to participate," the release concluded.

Pima County residents can visit for more information, or call 884-RIDE.


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